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Expert repairs on engines, cars and accessories. All work is guaranteed.
A repair estimate will be provided, prior to rendering service.
If the work is not performed, there is a nonrefundable Service Charge of 30% of the estimate, minimum $35.00.
Plus shipping/packaging/handling.. minimum $35.00, per ITEM.

Repair work must be paid in advance by USPS Momey Order, prior to commencement of service.
Service times vary.
Shipping Address:
RFGCO.COM, 1 Shore Ave #562, Oyster Bay, NY 11771-0562

Reverse units orders with repairable trade-in ONLY,
should be mailed to POB 562, Oyster Bay, NY 11771
Trade in must be sent before order is processed.
99 XA10587B Remote control unit in boiler        $68.99
99A XA10587 Remote control unit in metal tender   68.99
99B XA10587E Remote control unit in plastic tender68.99
99E Remote control HO (AC version)                88.99
99F Remote control "O"                            98.99
180 XA14C429 Reverse Unit                         45.99
Motor cleaning and lubrication. Parts or additional labor extra.
Steam Engine                                   $65.00
Steam Engine Wheel Quartering min.             100.00
Diesel  1 motor                                 85.00
Diesel  2 motor                                125.00
Diesel Dummy Unit                               45.00
Reverse Units                                   65.00
Other motorized units                           75.00
Cars                                            20.00
Accessories                                     75.00
Transformers                  from  $25.00 to $150.00
Electric Switches - pair                        65.00
Smoke Unit Repair                               45.00

Labor rate minimum 1 hour  per hour            $95.00
Armatures, fields or coils for rewinding,
Shipping Address:
RFGCO.COM, 1 Shore Ave #562, Oyster Bay, NY 11771-0562
Steam Armatures ex. super                      $45.00
Diesel Armatures - all                          55.00
Diesel - Steam Fields - all                     20.00
Super Armatures - 336 etc.                      45.00
Super Field - 336 etc.                          45.00
Accessory Armatures                             45.00
Accessory Field                                 25.00
Docksider Armature                              45.00
Handcar, Maintenance Car                        45.00
Car and Accessory solenoids                     35.00
Others at similar prices.
The most frequent problem with American Flyer Trains Diesels is worn axle bearings or axle holes.
The preferred method of correcting this problem and bring the engine back to optimal performance is to rebush the chassis.
While there are other methods of accomplishing this task, including an ill conceived tool on the market,
precision boring and insertion of precision made bearings is the only professionally accepted method.
This method also allows any future bearing replacement to be done easily and accurately.
A Chassis that is drilled with most other methods can be made useless.

Chassis with precision replacement bushings

Rebush American Flyer Trains Diesel Chassis 45.00 ea.
Extract chassis from engine and remove and reinstall wheels & axles
add 35.00 ea.
Remove and reinstall wheels & gears add 25.00

Repairs can take from a few weeks to several months depending on the availability of parts.
We try to replace parts with the same parts that original came in the item, to maintain originality

We suggest you not combine repair and parts orders, as repairs will usually delay shipping.
REPAIRS are warranted for the work done for 30 days, return for service with approval & $5.00 service charge.

Restorations by quotation.

Printable Repair Form

Items not paid for within 30 days of receipt become the property of