RFG water setting decals are thin decals. They are made thin so that they will conform easily to any surface.
It is very important that the following directions be followed, to avoid the decal from curling and thereby cracking.
HOT WATER MUST BE USED, to avoid cracking of the decal.


1. Cut the paper backing around the decal.
2. Allow the decal to reach room temperature.
3. A sponge in a saucer of WARM water or a saucer of WARM water to submerge the decal, should be used.
4. Place the decal, face up on the wet sponge or saucer.
5. For larger decals hold lightly, the decal on the sponge or saucer until the decal backing paper is wet through.
6. The water will begin to soak through the backing, and a slight color change, of the backing, will occur.
7. DO NOT attempt to move or touch the decal until the entire backing is soaked through.
This could take a minute or more.
8. When the top of the backing appears wet, you can try to slide the decal on the backing.
Stop if any resistance is met. EXTREME CARE MUST BE TAKEN.
9. When you are able to slide the decal easily, you can then proceed by placing the decal
on the surface by sliding it off the backing.

If you allow the decal to curl or try to move the decal on the backing before it is free, it will crack.

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