RFG Stickers are produced on high quality adhesive backed paper.
They are made with a small amount of material that needs to be trimmed before applying.


1. Cut the excess paper around the sticker, most stickers have either a thin line where the excess material is,
or the sticker is made so that all the area around the printed area must be removed.

2. Before removing the paper backing from the sticker, locate the position where the sticker will be adhered.

3. The adhesive used on the stickers is a permanent type. However, the adhesion increases with time,
so you can adjust the sticker position to some degree.

4. Peal the paper backing off the sticker and then place the sticker in position.
Do not press the sticker down, until the position is correct.

5. When the position is correct, press the sticker down, starting from the center
of the sticker and working to the outer edges. This will reduce air bubbles.
If you allow the decal to curl or try to move the decal on the backing before it is free, it will crack.

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