American Flyer "S", COUPLERS

There are three major types of couplers:

Link Couplers were used from 1946 till 1952. They are the long black plastic shank with a sort of hook on the end. They may or may not have a black or brass round weight on the side.

Knuckle Couplers were introduced in 1952. They resemble real American style couplers and look like a fist. They have a working jaw or knuckle. There are two types of Knuckle Coupler.
The conversions type is used to convert Link Coupler equipment to Knuckle Coupler, they have a slot in the shaft.
Originally equipped Knuckle Couplers, have either a hole or a solid shaft.

Pikemaster couplers look similar to Knuckle Couplers, however they are part of the truck assembly, and have no moving parts. They are not repairable or replaceable.


There is also a nonoperating Knuckle Coupler that was used on some inexpensive sets. Learn More

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