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These are the sheets that where originally packed with new AMERICAN FLYER equipment.
They explain hookup and operation.

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M2176           HO Locomotive
M2153           "O" Worm Drive Locomotive
M1982           Operating Instructions for HO Locomotive
M1983           "O" Gauge Locomotives
M2436           Worm Drive Locomotive
M2609           DC Locomotive
M2809           Worm Drive Locomotive with Cylinder Smoke
M2810           Worm Drive Locomotive
M2810A          Worm Drive Locomotive
M3165           Worm Drive Loco/ Choo-Choo
M3302           Worm Drive Locomotive
M4573           Franklin Locomotive
M3044           Red Mark on Tender to Engine Plug
M4109           "S" GA. Docksider Locomotive
M2474           Lubrication Instructions for Smoke Unit Motor
M2231           "O" K5 Locomotive
M2712           Whistling Locomotive
M3268           Locomotive without Smoke & Choo Choo
M3826           Two Unit Locomotive
M2560           HO-151 Locomotive
M1992           HO Kit Assembly Instructions


M2866B          Worm Drive Diesel
M2866C          Worm Drive Diesel
M4071           Diesel & Electric Locomotive
M3642           Baldwin Diesl Switcher
M2875           Attaching Coupling A and B Unit


M3112           740 Hand Car
M3323           742 Hand Car
M4897           23743 Track Maintenance Car
M5260           23743 Track Maintenance car insert
M2667           697 Track Trip
M2667A          697 Track Trip
M2538           751 Log Loader
M2779           771 Stock Yard
M2479           730 Bumper
M2440           705 Uncoupler
M2594           706 Uncoupler
M2447           596 Water Tank
M3839           23796 Sawmill
M3438           787 Log Loader
M2444           577 Whistle
M2379           690 Track Terminal
M3598           670 Track Trip
M2898A          Air Chime Whistle Control
M2758           314AW  Whistle Control
M2862A          Electronic Whistle Control Box
M2442           720 RC Switches
M2692           720A RC Switches
M4196           Remote Control Switches
M2441           722 Manual Switches
M2962           722A Manual Switches
M2715           709 Lockout Eliminator
M2448           583 Electromagnetic Crane
M2744           583A Electromagnetic Crane
M2443           591 Crossing Gate
M2569           591 Crossing Gate
M4261           23601 Crossing Gate
M3585           Diesel Horn & Steam Whistle
M3202           759 Bell Danger Signal
M2570           752 Coal Loader
M2570A          752A Coal Loader
M2593           758 Sam The Semaphore
M2757           758A Sam The Semaphore
M2600           755 Talking Station
M2749           755 Talking Station
M2648           760 Highway Flasher
M2668           762 2 in 1 Whistle
M2882           566 Whistle
M2890A          766 Animated Station
M2870A          770 Loading Platform
M2870B          770 Loading Platform
M2801           769 Rotary Beacon
M3212           774 Floodlight Tower
M2802           772 Tower 773 Oil Derrick
M3247A          26781 & 26783 Trestle
M3916           26782 Trestle
M3079A          747 Figure 8 Trestle Set
M3274           792 Union Station
M3832           791 Cow on Track
M3372           785 Coal Loader
M4229           25033 Piggy Back Unloader
M5002           23761 Semaphore
M3313           779 Oil Drum Loader
M3983           23780 Gabe The Lamplighter
M25515          25515 Rocket Sled
M3267           No. 520 Knuckle Coupler Kit
M5417           26344 Pike-Master Track Terminals
M5284           Pike-Master Remote Control Switches
M4835           No. 26810 POW-R-KLIP
M591            "O" 591 Crossing Gate
M2175           "O" 577 Remote Control Whistle
M2178           "O" Remote Control Switches
M790            TRAIN-O-RAMA Display
M5399           Bumper
WO4888          "O" 450 Track Terminal
M2178           "O" 688 Remote Contro Switch Track
M2099           "O" 591 Crossing Gate
M2174           579 Street Light
M2213           A-Koostikin
M2267           "O" 587 Block Signal 
M2923           748 Footbridge
M3169           741 Handcar & Shed
M3182A          781 & 782 RR Abutment Set
M3315           Diesel Billboard Horn
M3600           789 Station & Baggage Smasher
M3633           725 & 747 Figure Eights
M3657           Automatic Uncoupler
m3659           725 90* Crossing
M3823           747 Trestle Set
M4235           26671 Track Trip
M4239           26782 Trestle Set
M4319           770 Trestle Set
M4431           Manual Switch
M4482           Train Set 20147 Mountain Pass & Tunnel
M4895           26672 Track Trip
M4897           23743 Maintanence Car
M4909           Rocket Sled
M5026           Manual Switch
M5027           Remote Control Switch
M5258           Mountain Pass & Tunnel
M5406           Bell Danger Signal
M5421           Trestle Set
M5714           PikeMaster Remote Switch Track
M3630           HO-711 Flasher Signal
M4578           HO-35759 Drum Conveyor
M4928           HO-35780 Coal Loader
M2246           HO-268 Remote Control Switches
M35214          HO-35214 Crossing Watchman
M35210          HO-35210, 35209 Radar & Beacon
M3914           HO-35702 Crossing Gate
M3390           HO-3390 Re-Railer & Grade Crossing
M5404           HO-35204 Flasher Signal
M35212          HO-35212 Automatic Crossing Gate
M35203          HO-35203 Trestle and Bridge Set
M35250          HO-35250 Dutch Colonial House
M35252          HO-35252 Cape Cod House
M3819           HO-Trestle Set
M4927           HO-35785 Coal Unloader
M5153           HO-34720/34721 Remote Control Switches
M2205           HO-252 Block Signal
M3651           HO-Whistle Control Box


M2847           714, 719 Unloading Cars
M2515           715 Army Unloading Car
M2516           716 Coal Dump Car
M2452           716 Coal Dump early version
M2517           717 Log Unloading Car
M2518           718 Mail Pick-Up Car
M2783           732, 734 cars
M2671           DC Hook UP
M3192           Hook up Action Cars(714,719,715,716,717,732,734)
M3418           Hook-up for Automatic cars
M3757           Rocket Launcher Car
M3374           Walking Brakeman
M2874           648 Track Cleaning Car
M5466           Instructions Mechanical Cars
M4847           No. 25057 TNT Car
M5543           24578 Corvette
M2265           "O" 492 Mail Pck-Up Car
M2226           "O" 490 Whistling Express Car
M2264           "O" 474 Operating Dump Car
M3396           Automatic Cars
M4247           Lumber Unloading Car
M4302           Rocket Launcher & Detonator Car
M5003           33812 Rocket Launcher
M5318           Mechanical Cars
M4925           HO-33804 TNT Car
M5321           HO-Mechanical Action Cars


M2256           Transformer Instructions
M2567           Transformer Instructions
M2567A          Transformer Instructions
M3028           17B Transformer
M2945A          19B Transformer
M3191           Tranformer Instructions (15B)
M3391           650 HO power Pack
M3177           Dual Handle Transformers
M3376           1 1/2B Transformer
M2604           #15 Rectifier
M3158           1 1/2 Transformer Instructions
M4262           Transformer Instructions
M2256           "O" Transformer
M1932           "O" 5 & 6 Transformer
M2826           #16 Electronic Rectifomer
M2838           #13 Circuit Breaker
M2839           #13 Auto Circuit Breaker
M3022           1 1/2 Transformer
M3660           HO-654 Rectifier
M3841           HO-32655 Power Pack


M4199           Train Assembly and Operating
M4225           Train Assembly and Operating
M2499           Setup and Operate A Train Set
M2422           694 Automatic Coupler
M2057           "O" Gauge Uncoupler
M2833           Circus cars and Wagons
M3588           Train Assembly And Operating
M3127           Pike Planner Instructions
M5292           PikeMaster Assembly and Operating
M3244           Equip w/Knuckle Coupler Trucks
M2066           676 Automatic Coupler
M4100           Train Assembly and Operating
M4624           Cleaning Wheels
M4697           Train Assembly and Operating
M5100           Train Assembly and Operating
M6079           Game Train
M1924           HO- Refrigerator Car Kit
M1925           HO- Tank Car Kit
M1926           HO- Gondola Car Kit
M1927           HO- Caboose Kit
M2010           HO- Passenger Car Kit
M2167A          HO-277 Track Trip
M4619           HO Train Assembly
M5279           HO Train Assembly


B105            Flashing Crossing Signal
B106            Block Signal
B112            Rotating Beacon


WO4880          457 Loco Control Switch
WO4888          450 Track Terminal
WO4890          688 Remote Switch Track
WO4897          Automatic block Signal
WO4906          1047 Transformer
WO5014          9915 NYC Streamliner
WO8426          2029 Remote Control Whistle


108/109         Colber 108 Water Tower 109 Oil Gusher

Exploded Parts Views/ Parts lists $5.00 ea.
Copies of the original AMERICAN FLYER service station repair manual pages. Most have cover sheet, service instructions, exploded view & parts list. 2 - 4 pages.
Updates are parts lists only. 1 or 2 pages.
The prices for parts on the sheets are not applicable.
Service Manual Index
MIndex         Service Manual Index
MViews         Index of Exploded Views
MParts         Part Substitution List
Mxa12523       Motor Repair Part Change
Mxa14c429      Reverse Unit Conversion 346
6-A             Horn wiring diagrams for
                         steam & diesel horns
MWIRING         Wiring for Steam & Diesel Engines
Bulletin #4     Whistle Complaints
Bulletin #7     O Gauge Parts and Standard Gauge Parts
Bulletin #9     Air Chime Whistle DC Operation
Bulletin #13    Knuckle Couplers   
Bulletin #14    Wheel Alignment Tool
form #          Engine #        year or update
MIndex         Service Manual Index
MViews         Index of Exploded Views
MParts         Part Substitution List
Mxa12523       Motor Repair Part Change
Mxa14c429      Reverse Unit Conversion 346
M1493           282
M1646           283 & 287
M1646-1        21085 update
 M1646-2      21085 split chassis update
M3146           285 & 295
M2819           290
M1494           293
 M1812-1      21095 update
 M1812-2      21099 update
M2820           300
M1556           301
M2821           302      1950
M1495           302      1953
M1557           303      1954
M1809           303      1957
 M1809          308 update
 M1809-1       21105 update
 M1809-2       21105 split chassis update
M1599           307
 M1599-1       21100 update
 M1599-2       21106 split chassis update
 M1599-3       21160 update
 M1599-4       21161 update
M2822           312
 M1807          313, 21045 update
M2876           314AW
M2844           K5 Whistling Tender
M3147           315      1952
M1808           315      1957
 M1808-1       315 update
M1558           316      1954
M1807-2         316      1957
 M1807-1      21115 update
M2823           322
M2901           324AC
M3148           325 & K325 
M1496           326
 M1805-1      21129 &21130 update
M2824           332
M3149           332AC
M3150           335 & K335
M1497           336
 M1824-1      21139 update
M2877           342AC
M2878           342DC
M1559           343
M1659           346
M2879           350 
M1647           354
M1498           356
M1825           343 use diagram with 263,21004,21005,21145  
 M1825-1      263, 21004 update
 M1825-2      21005 update
 M1825-2      21145 update
M1983           21088
 M1983-2      21089 update
M1996           21155
 M1996-1      21156 update
 M1996-2      21158 update
M5607           21165, 21168, L2001 Exploded View
 M5607-1      21165, 21168, L2001 update
M2881           151 HO
M1772           443 HO
 M1772-2      446 HO update
 M1772-3      31005 HO update
 M1772-4      31006 HO update
M2880           155 HO
M1762           433 HO
 M1762-2      31004, 31019  HO update
 M1762-3      31031 HO update
 M1762-4      31036 HO update
M2634           Smoke Bellows Conversion


 M1993          355
 M1993-1       21801, 21812, 21918 update
 M1993-2       21808, 21183 update
 M1993-3       21801-1, 21918-1 update
M2899           362
M3151           365
M2900           370     1950
M1820           370     1957
M1560           371     1954
M1768           371     1957
 M1768-1       372 update
 M1768-2       21831 update
 M1768-3       234 update
M1600-1        3745
 M1600-2       3778 update
M1499           405      1953
M1822           405      1957
M1500           466      1953
M1821           466      1957
 M1821          466, 479 update
M1771           472
 M1771-1       472, 497 update
 M1771-2       21551, 21927 update
 M1771-3       499 update
 M1771-4       21573 update
 M1771-6       481 update
M1561           4713    1954
M1818           4713    1957
 M1818-1      4713,490,21902,21910 update
M1562           4745
 M1817-1      490,492,494,495 update
 M1817-2      21920-21920-1 update
 M1817-3      21922,-1 21925,-1 update
M1563           4778     1954
M1816           4778     1957
M1760           467-471-476-480
M2041           All F-9 Diesels 
M1761           420 HO
 M1761-2       421,31014,423 HO update
 M1761-3       425,31008,31011 HO update
M1985           430 HO
 M1985-1       31003 HO update
M5456           31013,31021 HO


M1644           561 Billboard Horn
 M1644-1      23561 Billboard Horn update
M1759           600 Crossing Gate
M1655           710 Steam Whistle Control
M1657           720A R C Switches
 M1657-1      720A,26760 update
M1453           740 Hand Car
M1656           742 Hand Car
M1654           779 Oil Drum Loader
M1770           787 Log Loader
M5229           23796 Sawmill
M5235           23771 Stock Yard & Car
M1995           23568 Whistle
M5227           23789 Baggage Smasher
M5231           23601,23602 Crossing Gate
M5228           761,23761 Semaphore
M5237           752A,23785 Coal Loader


M1565		15B Transformer
M1566		16B Transformer
M1567		19B Transformer
M1568		18B & 30B Transformer
M1984		22004,22020 Transformer
M1997		22035 Transformer
M1998		22090 Transformer


M1769           970 Brakeman Car
M1648           977 Action Caboose
M5232           919,914 Dump/Log Cars
M5233           971,25016 Lumber Car
M5230           973,25019,25042 Milk/Box
M5234           25045 Rocket Launcher