American Flyer SMOKE UNITS

American Flyer had four types of Smoke and Choo Choo Units. The first type was introduced in 1946, it is the Smoke in Tender type, and denoted by S.I.T. The smoke unit is in the tender, or what some people refer to as the coal car, behind the engine. The smoke in tender unit comes in 2 version, bellows and cylinder. Bellows units can be repaired with new bellows material or converted to cylinder style.

The second type is a Smoke in Boiler unit. It is in the boiler or main part of a steam engine. It was used on the majority of steam locomotives. There are 2 versions, the early version has two chambers, an upper and lower, there is a plate on the bottom of the unit held in by screws. The later version has only one chamber, the smoke wick and coil are located in a single chamber with no bottom plate. In general, 3 digit engines have dual chamber units and 5 digit engines have single chamber units.

The third type is also a boiler mounted unit, but is smaller and used in the Docksider and Franklin and Washington engines, and also the HO engines.

The forth type, also a boiler mounted unit, was used on the Casey Jones style, Southern engine.

Replacement wick and wire coil are available for all units. The S.I.T. units and the boiler mounted units, except for the Docksider style, use the # K61D.

All types were designed to use a liquid smoke fluid. The fluid was sold in either small soft red ampules or bottles.
Unlike Lionel, American Flyer never used smoke pellets.
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