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*General Consist of 1950's ERECTOR Sets.
There are some variations from year to year.
Included are set #'s 1 1/2 to 12 1/2
N21     8-32 Square Nut
P1      Small Right Angle
P2      Large Right Angle
P3      Acute Angle
P4      Obtuse Angle
P5      Streight Angle Piece
P6      Double Bent 
             Perforated Strip
P7      Small Wheel 7/8" Dia.
P7A     Small Wheel, 1 1/8" Dia.
P8      Pulley, Side
P11     24 Tooth Gear, Flat
P12     Crown Gear
P13     12-Tooth Pinion
                    Gear, 1/8"
P13B    12-Tooth Pinion 
                   Gear, 7/32"
P14     Worm Gear
P15     Coupling
P16     Large Spoked Wheel
P16H    Propeller
P17     Large Spoked Wheel
P18     Round Plate
P19     Base Plate
P20     Five Hole Strip formed
P21     5 Hole Perforated Strip
P22A    Slotted Strip
P22B    14" Axle
P23     Eccentric Axle
P24     Crank
P26     Nut
P29     Washer
P32-12  12" Girder
P32-3   3" Girder
P32-6   6" Girder
P33     Small Screw Driver
P34     Hank of String
P35     Perforated Strip
P37     Collar
P38     3 Hole Strip
P40     Screw Eye
P42     9 Hole Stip
P47     Gear Box Side Plate
P48     Mitre Gear
P49     18-Tooth Gear
P50     72-Toth Gear
P51     Electric Engine
   Reversing 110v. A.C. or D.C.
No. 5   Transformer
P52     Ladder Chain
P55     7-15 Volt Erector Motor
                 A.C. or D.C.
P54     Motor, 6-14 volts
P56G    Motor, 110v. 
                 A.C. or D.C.
P58     Motor, 6-14 volts
P57A    2 1/8" Axle
P57C    4" Axle
P57D    6" Axle
P57E    8" Axle
P57F    12" Axle
P57HB   1 3/8" Axle
P57JA   7 1/2" Axle
P57K    10" Axle
P57N    3 1/4" Axle
P59     Reverse Base
               (for P58 only)
P64     11" Girder
P79     Car Truck
S11     Set Screw
S51     1/4" x 8-32 Screw
S52     1/2" x 8-32 Screw
S57     1 3/8" x 8-32 Screw
S62     7/8" x 8-32 Screw
S67     1 3/4 x 8-32 Screw
FA      1" x 8-32 Screw
A       2" Girder
B       5" Girder
C       10" Girder
D       2 1/2" Curved Girder
E       5" Curved Girder
BT      Pierced Disc
F       5 Hole Strip
G       7 Hole Strip
H       11 Hole Strip
I       21 Role Strip
J       41 Hole Strip
K       11 Hole Strip Bracket 
M       Small Double Angle
N       Long Double Angle
O       Pawl
S       Large Base Plate
                      21 holes
T       Boiler
U       Boiler Top
W       Stack
X       Digger Scoop
Z       Flanged Wheel
                   15/16" Dia
AA      Eccentric Crank
AB      One Hole Coupling
AC      Universal Bracket
AE      Spiral Spring
AF      Small Hook
AH      Small Triangle
AI      Large Triangle
AJ      Paper Flag
AK      Pile Driver Weight
AL      Collar Formed
AM      Special Pulley-Metal
AQ      Sheave Pulley
AR      8 Hole Stip
AS      2 7/8" Axle Rod
AT      4" Axle Rod
AU      Mast Step
AV      7-Hole Strip Bracket
AW      Foot Block
AX      19 3/4" Axle Rod
AY      Bull Ring
AZ      19 3/4" Axle Rod
BA      B. W. Cntr (with Hub)
BB      Segment Plate
BC      Left Fender
BD      Right Fender
B2      Wood Handle
                 Screw Driver
BE      6" Angle Girder
BF      Ratchet
BG      Truck Body
BH      Solid Collar
BI      6" Flat Beam Girder
BJ      12" Flat Beam Girder
BK      8-32 Wing Nut
BL      Small Washer
BN      Regular Turret Plate
BP      Tip Bucket
BO P58  Reverse Switch 
BT      Pierced Disc
BY      11-Hole Fibre Strip
CA      Signal Arm
CB      Wrench
CC      Cab Top
CD      Cab Top
CH      Right Angle
CJ      36-Tooth Gear
CQ      Slot Coupling
CR      Special Turret Plate
                     with hub
CS      Wheel Segment
CX      1" Axle Rod
CY      5" Axle Rod
CZ      7" Axle Rod
DA      10" Axle Rod
DB      Motor Pulley
DD      Hood
DE      Steering Column
DF      Tie Rod
DH      Steering Knuckle
DI      Front Axle
DJ      Rear Axle
DK      Flat Spring
DL      Bumper
DM      Disc Wheel
DN      Right Angle Bearing
DO      Steering Wheel with Hub
DP      12" Angle Girder
DQ      Special Large Base Plate
               (28 holes)
DS      Cotter Pin
DT      1 Hole Set 
                 Screw Coupling
DU      1/4" Diam. Axle 8 1/2"
DV      6" Curved Beam Girder
DZ      Tackle Block
EA      25 hole Flat Base Plate
EB      1/4" Collar
EC      Giant Axle-29" long,
                    5/16" diam.
EE      Double Angle Bracket
EH      Gear Box Bracket
EI      Standard Gear Box
                      Side Plate
EJ      Gear Box Base
EK      Plain Drum
EL      Brake Drum
EM      Universal Car Truck
EO      6" Duplex Base Plate
EQ      Curved 6" Duplex 
                    Lock Girder
ER      Curved Duplex
                    Lock Girder
ES      Small Red Wheel
ET      Straight 2" Duplex
                   Lock Girder
EU      3" Duples Base Plate
EV      12" Duples Lock Girder
EW      12" Duplex F.B. Plate
EX      Big Channel Girder 12"
EY      Big Channel Girder 6"
EZ      Big Channel Curved
                    Girder 6"
FB      Cam
FC      Machine Frame-right
FD      Hinged Loop
FJ      Rack
FK      Machine Frame-left
FL      Helical Gear
FO      Double Angle Base Plate
FP      Small Disc Wheel
FT      Ferris Wheel Support
FU      Cab Roof
FV      13" Axle Rod
FZ      Internal Gear
GA      6"x8" Duplex Flat
                    Base Plate
GV      Thin Disc Wheel
                    Nickel Rim
GW      Thin Disc Wheel-Red
GX      8-Hole Double
                Angle Bracket
HA      Rear Axle Housing
HD      Gondola
HE      Tail
HF      Butt End Plate
HG      Nose Cap
HI      Gondola Strut
HJ      Propeller
HK      5" Girder-formed
HM      Rudder,left
HN      Stabilizer
HO      Cover for Zepplin
HQ      Zepplin Support Rod,
              w/1/4" Collar
IR      Engine Frame
IS      Driver Wheel
IT      Coach Wheel
IU      Sand Box
IV      Steam Dome
IW      Feed Water Heater
IZ      Smoke Stack
JA      Cowcatcher
JC      Boiler Front
JD      Axle Box
JE      Parallel Rod
JF      Main Connecting Rod
JG      Rear Truck Frame-right
JH      Rear Truck Frame-left
JI      Front Truck Frame
JJ      Smoke Box Shell
JK      Steam Chest & 
                Cylinder Plate
JL      Steam Chest & 
                 Cylinder Band
JM      Steam Chest End
JN      Cylinder End
JO      Cross Head Guide Bar
JP      Cross Head
JQ      Cross Head Bearer-right
JR      Cross Head Bearer-left
JS      Link Frame
JT      Link Rod
JV      Cross Head Link
JW      Combining Lever
JX      Valve Lever
JY      Air Drum Shell
JZ      Jacket
KA      Steam Pipe Casing
KB      Main Boiler
KC      Boiler Fire Box
KD      Fire Box Front
KE      Boiler Back Head
KF      Firing Deck
KG      Ash Pan
KH      Cab
KI      Cab Ends
KJ      Draw Casing
KK      Fire Deck Plate
KL      Front Running 
KM      Front Running 
KN      Rear Running Board
KO      Running Board Step
KP      Front Bumper Plate Stop
KQ      Apron
KR      MCB Coupling
KS      Coupling Pin Lifter
KT      1/4" Axle Rod,
                  3 5/32" Long
KU      1/4" Axle Rod,
                   3 5/8" Long
KV      Headlight
KW      Truck Frame
KX      Truck Bolster
KZ      Tender Base Plate
LA      Tender Side Plate
LB      Tender Back Plate
LC      Corner Plates
LD      Front Fuel Board
LE      Side Fuel Board
LF      Back Fuel Board w/Deck
LG      Fuel Slide
LH      Tender Step
LI      Coupling Yoke
LJ      Tank Handle
LK      Tender Step Angle
LL      Rear Tie Frame
LO      Track Section
LP      Railroad Tie
LS      Jack
LT      Motor Support Bracket
LU      Offset Wrench
LV      3" Disc Wheel-Red
LW      Rubber Tire 
                for LV and MH
LX      Steering Column Bracket
MA      Radiator
MB      18" Angle Girder
MC      Base Plate 1" x 21/2"
MD      Base Plate 2 1/2" x 5"
ME      Base Plate 1" x 4"
MF      Base Plate 1" x 5"
MG      Radiator Hood
MH      Nickle Rim, 3" 
                     Disc Wheel
MI      Front Axle Unit
MJ      Electro Magnet with Cord
ML      Railroad Rail
MM      Wrench
MN      12" Base Plate
MO      3" Angle Girder
MP      24 Tooth Gear
MQ      24 Toth Worm Wheel
MR      Drum with Gear
MS      Compression Spring
MT      Snap Rivet
MU      Rivet Extractor
MV      Flat Car Truck
MW      Nut Holder
MX      Rouse
MY      2 1/2" x 2" Base Plate
MZ      Bearing Block
NA      3" Main Entrance
NB      3" Ground Floor
NC      3" Upper Story
ND      6" Upper Story
NE      6" Garage Entrance
NF      6" Office Entrance
NG      Roof
NH      Lamp Socket Unit
NI      Bulb 1 Volt
NJ      Battery Holder
NK      Ratchet
NL      Bolster Bracket
NM      10" x 2" Flange Plate
NN      1"x2" Flange Plate
NO      Flanges Wheel, 3/4" Dia.
NP      Locomotive-O Gauge
NQ      Section of Curved Track-
         O Gauge-(12 sections
         per circle)
NR      Track Terminal
NS      41 Hole strip formed
NT      Cone
NU      Parachute
NV      Whistle 
        (Note-P13 gear required)
NW      Belt and Clip Unit
NX      Tread Pulley
NY      3 1/8" Axle Rod
NZ      Wood Handle Screwdriver
OA      Bulb 18 Volt
OB      Tread Pin
OC      Single Wire and 
                     Plug Unit
OD      Control Box with wires
0E      6" Flexible Coupling
OF      Horse
OG      21 Hole Strip-Formed
OH      72 Tooth Gear
OI      Segment of 72 Tooth Gear
TA      Conveyor Belt
TB      Ball Bearing
DC3     3 Volt Motor
A47     Electric Enginc, gear
        shift 11Ov. A.C. only
A48     Mechanical Motor
A49     A49 Electric Engine
          Gear Shift A.C. Only
A49-A   Electric Engine
                  no gear shift
A49-B   Electric Engine
        conversion unit 
          Converts A49-A to A49
A49-C   A49 E.E. with Whistle
K48     Key for Mechancal Motor
1       Transformer
P14A143 Gear Bracket
P14A145 Bracket
P14A146 Power Shaft
P14A686 Rocket
P14B147 Base Plate
P8554A  Turntable
PA10721 Adapter
PA1139  Fibre Washer
PA15A003 Spring
W153    Dished Washer
W1A82   Washer
X14A134 Cam Shaft Assembly
X14A137 Turntable Shaft Assembly
X14A139 Power Shaft Braket
X14B663 Bucket
XA14B269 Needle
XA14B295 Reproducer Assembly
N21 Nut used with screws S51, S52, S57, S62, 
FA S11 Set Screw used with pulleys, couplings, etc.
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