The following information is provided to help understand AMERICAN FLYER PULL-MOR Wheels.
We hope this information helps when trying to determine what parts or other items to order.

A.C Gilbert introduced Pull-Mor in 1953, to increase traction. The original Pull-Mor Tires were molded to the driver rim on steam engines and molded to the diesel wheel. Later Pull-Mor wheels had removable rubber tire bands, that fit into a groove in the rim or wheel. In general all 3 digit engines had molded on Pull-Mor and 5 digit engines had removable tire bands.

In general, Pull-Mor wheels were installed on steam engine rear drive wheels. Diesel came with several configurations. Some had 1 Pull-Mor wheel and others 2, per motor chassis. Some had Pull-Mor wheels on the same side of the motor and others on opposite sides.


With engines having removable tire bands, tire bands that fit in a groove in the wheel, used on most 5 digit engines, it is a straight forward process of removing the old band and installing a new one.

The issue is more complicated with molded on rubber, used on most 3 digit engines. There are essentially 2 choices. Replace the wheel rim or entire wheel, or clean off the old rubber and glue on a replacement rubber.

Replacing the wheel or wheel rim on steam engines will require the removal of the wheels from the engine chassis and then replacing them. This will require a couple of tools. A wheel puller for starters and then to get the wheels on correctly, a quartering tool. The wheels MUST be quartered correctly, or the engine will jam. This may not be the type of repair that should be attempted without prior experience.

Diesels are less complicated. The wheels can be removed and replaced with less effort and few tools.

The other way is to replace the old rubber and add new rubber. When done carefully and with the proper rubber tire bands, glue and other material, this is a simple method that does not require the removal of the wheels. It can be accomplished in only a few minutes.

RFG makes rubber tire bands and repair kits. Our repair kits contain all you'll need to do an expert job. Our rubber tire bands are molded in the same thickness as the original molded on rubber. When done according to the directions, these new tires will work just like the original tires.

When ordering check to see if you have molded on tires or removable tire bands.

Part Numbers:

Removable Tire Bands for Steam: 2503, 2503A, 2503B, 2503C
Removable Tire Bands for Diesel: DE23B, DE23C, 2503A

Repair Kits for Molded Tires Steam: 2503TS, 2503ATS
Repair Kits for Molded Tires Diesel: DE23TS


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