STANDARD SHIPPING The majority of small packages are shipped via USPS First Class.

10% of ORDER with a $7.00 minimum/$35.00 maximum/parts orders.
Wire, track or other heavy items will incur higher shipping fee.
The $7.00 Minimum Shipping and Handling Fee applies to all orders,
except catalog orders, no exceptions.

Orders from outside the U.S.A, 15% with $25.00 Minimum. U.S. Funds.
PRIORITY MAIL Add Priority Mail Fee to the Standard Shipping Fee.
EXPRESS MAIL Add $21.00 to the Standard Shipping Fee - USPS 1 to 2 pounds.
INSURANCE Add - USPS + $2.15 up to $100 $1.95 per each $100 or fraction.
Insurance is required and will be added to all orders $100.00 or more.

Separate Shipping and Handling fees apply to, trains and Erector set parts and heavy items.

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